Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is not only the study of the lights in the sky but also of the light within. A Vedic birth chart reading illumines our dharmic path as well as our karmic conditioning. We become aware of the vasanas, the self-defeating beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that prevent our light from shining, and are guided towards their dissolution, so that we can flourish and express our full potential.

Studying Jyotish oneself, is a wonderful way to accompany ourselves in our evolution, in the different periods and transits that life presents us with. I have been studying astrology for about fifteen years now and I will always be a master trainee, because one lifetime is not enough to absorb all the vast wisdom, especially of Vedic astrology. I am always learning something new, secrets of the tradition reveal themselves, and I discover new clues in my own birth chart. But if you can't dedicate yourself to studying Jyotish, it is a matter of finding a good Vedic astrologer to shed light on your process.

A first reading of the Vedic birth chart requires a thorough prior study of the horoscope and usually gives an overview of your birth chart and discusses major themes and patterns in your life, using the Rasi Chart, the Navamsa Chart and several Dasha Systems. Remedies might be suggested. Subsequently, shorter follow-up consultations will discuss special topics, a certain transit, or the Tithi Pravesh chart, which reflects the solar-lunar return of your birthday.

I like to share my knowledge on my YouTube channel Yllara & Jyotish, and on this blog, while I continue to study Vedic astrology. And I need time also for my own health and sadhana. Hence, I am not a professional astrologer dedicated mainly to consultations. But if you are interested in a reading, you can always contact me and ask about my availability.

And enjoy calculating your Vedic birth chart online!